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Cheer United

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Bringing Our Success to an All-Star Level

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What You Need to Know About Our Cheerleading Gym

Niagara’s newest cheerleading instructors are far from inexperienced. The owners of Cheer United, Brittany and Nikki, have had great success in coaching the Welland Centennial Secondary School cheerleaders for over 12 seasons. In their years of coaching, they have led their team to 10 provincial and 5 national titles!

After years of patience, our founders are thrilled to bring their success to the next level. Their personal experiences with All-Star programs make them well-equipped to compete with the best.

Cheerleading is an interactive sport that encourages confidence, motivation, and socialization. Nikki and Brittany met through cheerleading at Centennial, and have since maintained a long-lasting friendship. They have attended nursing school together, have traveled the world together, and have coached alongside one another for more than 12 years now.

A Message From Our Founders

“Our motto with Centennial has always been to treat each other like sisters, and success will come. We are bringing this same dynamic to our all-star program, as highlighted in our name. United as a family...Welcome to Cheer United!”

- Brittany and Nikki


Nikki Faragalli


Nikki had always played competitive sports growing up. Her love for cheerleading started in high school when she made the Centennial cheerleading team. Upon graduation, she continued to be mentored as a junior coach for two seasons before becoming a co-head coach.

Nikki has cheered for Scorpions Niagara, Cheerforce Wolfpack, and PCT Cobras. She took the position of a flyer on both all-girl and coed teams.

Currently, Nikki is a Registered Practical Nurse (RPN) in a local hospital and is taking the Registered Nursing (RN) program. She is excited to continue coaching and hopes to influence young cheerleaders to build confidence and experience fun training sessions at Cheer United. Her favourite part of cheerleading has always been stunting and performing during competitions.

Brittany Blasioli


Brittany quickly developed a passion for the sport of cheerleading when she started cheering in high school at Centennial. Prior to cheerleading, she danced for 8 years with a local dance company where she developed her love for choreography.

Upon graduation, Brittany continued to be mentored as a junior coach for two seasons before becoming the co-head coach. She cheered for Scorpions Niagara for one season and CheerForce Wolfpack for three seasons. She competed at the Cheerleading Worlds in 2008 and 2009 with Cheerforce.

Brittany is a Registered Nurse (RN) in a local hospital and a proud new mom. She is eager to pursue her passion for cheerleading on a professional level, hoping to inspire other kids to fall in love with the sport the same way she did.


Program Coordinator/Coach 

Holly began cheerleading in grade 9 at Centennial Secondary School. She cheered in high school for 4 years, and after graduating she became a coach to the Cougars. She coached Welland Centennial for 3 years, where she helped lead the team to provincial and national titles. Holly graduated from Brock University with an undergraduate degree in Psychology and went on to complete her graduate certificate in Victimology from Algonquin College. She has experience working with children, and is a proud mom of her two beautiful children. Her previous cheerleading success makes her a valued coach and mentor. Her kindness is infectious. Every coach and athlete around her feels welcomed and appreciated.

Since beginning to coach for Cheer United, Holly has also taken on the role of Program Coordinator, assisting with all major operations of the gym. Holly helps keep coaches, parents, and teams organized and up to date. 



Olenka brings with her a bundle of experience. She began her cheerleading career at Centennial Secondary School, and then went on to cheer for the University of Guelph, where she studied International Development. She also showed her talent competing briefly as a Cheersport Grey Reef Shark. Her life then lead her internationally, where she continued to pursue her passion for cheerleading. She cheered for Toros in Madrid (coed level 6), and Pegasos All Stars in Guatemala (coed level 5). Her many years in the sport allowed her to fulfill her dream of competing at the Cheerleading World Championships in Orlando. Since 2016, Olenka has been judging the national competitions in Guatemala. Olenka is a beautiful spirit and positive mentor to all who are
around her.

Brooke G


Starting off cheerleading on Centennial’s cheer team in grade 9, Brooke fell in love and has since used this passion to encourage our athletes to achieve their goals and be great role models in their communities. In her senior year she pushed her self to the next level and joined her first Allstar Team competing in the 4.0 division. Brooke has an undeniable loyalty to her peers and the athletes she coaches! Brooke is in her first year at Brock University after graduating from Niagara College’s child and youth care program. Throughout her four years at Cheer United, she has grown her skills as a coach and athlete and is determined to reach every goal she sets. Brooke will be leading 5 competitive teams and several rec classes to shine bright this year!



Jess is a current athlete on Centennial Secondary School cheerleading team. She is studying concurrent education at Brock University. Jess was a strong athlete and role model throughout her two seasons on Centennial. She was always a natural leader with the young athletes at the March Break cheer camps, and has carried these leadership traits over to the Cheer United practices.  She has now been cheering for five years and coaching for three. Jess is full of talent, has a positive attitude, and exceptional commitment. Her strength as a base and strong jumps are skills that she can share with the athletes she coaches. She is a perfect asset to the Cheer United coaching panel.



Ivy first fell in love with the sport of cheerleading in her Grade 11 year at Centennial. She was part of the National Champion team in her senior year. This same year Ivy was awarded Second Princess at Welland Rose Festival. After a few years away from cheerleading, Ivy eagerly joined Cheer United’s Open Team last season. On this team she was a standout athlete. She has incredible strength and technique with stunting, but her positive spirit is her most admirable trait. Ivy is an encouraging teammate, and dedicated athlete. Her love for the sport is obvious in the way she performs at every practice and competition. Her infectious personality makes her the perfect fit for the CU coaching panel.



Emily comes from gymnastics background and started cheerleading in her Grade 9 year at Centennial. Her powerful tumbling and incredible strength make her one of the strongest athletes the school has seen. Emily was the recipient of Welland Tribune Tournament Overall Cheerleader Scholarship in 2016. She went on to cheer for a season at Brock University before heading to the Allstar cheer program in Oakville (Cheerforce All-Girl Level 6) where she competed at the Cheerleading Worlds. Emily will soon complete her degree in Physical Education - Kinesiology at Brock. Through her degree she has gained knowledge and experience of working with various athletes. Emily has acquired an array of expertise in her field such as Injury care, assessment and prevention, in addition to taping and wrapping. Her technique with tumbling, jumping, motions and stunting makes her a powerful coach. Beyond her packed resume, Emily is a natural leader with a glowing personality. She is the perfect addition to the coaching panel.



Carley has been cheering since she was 4 years old. She began her cheerleading career at Cheerforce Wolfpack in Oakville. She then cheered for Scorpions Niagara before and during high school. She was an outstanding athlete on Centennial Secondary School cheer team. She is an exceptional flyer, a strong base, and experienced tumbler. Her versatility within the sport makes her a valued coach within the panel. Carley has an eye for choreography and loves teaching new dances. She has competed at the cheerleading worlds 4 times. She finished her cheerleading career with Cheerforce Wolfpack all-girl level 6. Carley has coached Centennial Secondary school cheer for 4 years now. She is currently studying Practical Nursing at Niagara College. We are very excited to have Carley on our coaching panel!



Ashley competed as a provincial level gymnast before joining cheer in her grade 9 year at Centennial. She was a natural talent and excelled quickly in the sport of cheer. She was the recipient of a scholarship to attend the famous Woodward Cheer Camp in the USA in summer 2019. Ashley is a standout flyer on Cheer United’s Open Team. She has a way of making all around her laugh and have fun. She has an attention to tumbling technique that helps athletes progress properly. We are very excited to have her coaching experience on our coaching panel.

Brooke E


Brooke brings with her an extensive gymnastics background that largely benefits the tumbling program at CU. She has 8 years gymnastics experience and earned Most Improved Competitive Gymnast in 2016 at her gym. When Brooke entered high school at Centennial Secondary School, she transitioned into the sport of Cheer. She cheered for 3 years at Centennial Secondary School. In her years of cheerleading she has won 2 awards: Rookie of the Year 2017 as well as Most Improved Athlete in 2019. Brooke is a strong base, and talented flyer. Her versatility makes her a valued stunting and tumbling coach. In additional to her experience, she is furthering her knowledge in her studies at Brock University in physical education. She is a well-rounded cheerleader with a heart of gold. Her dedication and work ethic is one that all athletes can admire. She is a perfect representation of the values held within our program. 



Rachel is one of our newest members of the CU coaching panel, but she is far from inexperienced. Rachel has been coaching Centennial Secondary School for 6 years and has helped lead the program to Provincial and National Championships. Rachel is personable, fun, and loved by all. In addition to Rachel’s fun spirit, she is professional beyond compare. She is currently in her final year completing her degree in Child and Youth Studies and Psychology from Brock University. She is hard working, organized, and can really structure a practice to have the athletes be prepared for competition. She is a strong third and trusted stunter that is able to offer great advice to those learning to stunt. We can’t wait to see her break many athletes at Cheer United out of their shell. 



Madi made an impression of so many athletes in her first year of coaching and is back at it again this year. Her experience in the cheer industry offers so much to everyone she coaches. She has cheered for the past 10 years at Cheersport Sharks in both Cambridge and Ancaster on Worlds Level 5 teams. Madi has also coached many recreational teams and open tumbling nights at Sharks.

Madi is currently studying Concurrent Education at Brock University to become a teacher. Her aptitude for teaching helps athletes to feel confident and reach their full potential.

Her longstanding passion cheerleading and knowledge in stunt and tumbling technique make her an excellent addition to our team. We can't wait for her to bring her expertise to the CU community!



Heather started her cheer career at Centennial Secondary School where she cheered alongside CU founders Brittany & Nikki. Heather cheered for 8 years at a cheer gym in Niagara, and another all-star program in Oakville. On top of her own cheerleading career, she also has 6 years coaching experience. Heather is a proud mom to her two beautiful children.

When she is not busy being a mom, and inspiring others as a social media mentor, she continues her passion for helping children in her career as a Registered Early Childhood Educator with the School Board. She also has a previous background being a Child and Youth Worker. We are so excited to have Heather’s positive, cheerful, and encouraging spirit on the coaching panel. Her experience within the sport, as a mom, and professionally in her career, makes her the perfect addition to the coaching panel.

One of the biggest perks of cheerleading is the ability to build lifelong friendships and a passion for a sport - Heather is proof of this.



Tayler started cheerleading through summer and March break camps with Centennial before cheering for the school's team for two seasons. She went on to cheering at an all star level for 7 years where she had the opportunity to compete at Worlds three times. 

After retiring as an athlete and a coach, Tayler pursued her judging credentials and judged for a couple of years in the overall/choreography category. Tayler's experience with cheering, coaching and judging make her an exceptional addition to the coaching panel at Cheer United. 

Tayler is currently in a recruit class to be a Volunteer Firefighter. When she is not routine planning, she is studying all about how to serve her community as a firefighter!

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