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Bringing Our Success to an All-Star Level

What You Need to Know About Our Cheerleading Gym

Niagara’s newest cheerleading instructors are far from inexperienced. The owners of Cheer United, Brittany and Nikki, have had great success in coaching the Welland Centennial Secondary School cheerleaders for over 12 seasons. In their years of coaching, they have led their team to 10 provincial and 5 national titles!


After years of patience, our founders are thrilled to bring their success to the next level. Their personal experiences with All-Star programs make them well-equipped to compete with the best.


Cheerleading is an interactive sport that encourages confidence, motivation, and socialization. Nikki and Brittany met through cheerleading at Centennial, and have since maintained a long-lasting friendship. They have attended nursing school together, have traveled the world together, and have coached alongside one another for more than 15 years now.


A Message From Our Founders

“Our motto with Centennial has always been to treat each other like sisters, and success will come. We are bringing this same dynamic to our all-star program, as highlighted in our name. United as a family...Welcome to Cheer United!”

- Brittany and Nikki

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