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Welcome to Cheer United


You were made to shine​

United as a Family

Welland, Ontario's All-Star cheerleading gym, Cheer United, provides various training programs for young athletes ages 3 and up. Our kind, qualified, and experienced coaches have mentored our region's youth for five seasons. Known for our positive gym culture, we continue to thrive by providing the very best experience to our athletes, teaching skills on and off the mat. 

Our core values:


N-never give up




Our programs range from beginner to advanced. Join today and train with the best! 



Why Choose Cheerleading

This sport is a perfect combination of gymnastics and dance, with unique stunting skills that are loved by all.


Who We Are

At Cheer United, we teach our athletes that once there is fun, kindness, and respect amongst everyone, success will surely follow. We place a special focus on executing safe routines with a WOW factor to make them stand out.

Enter the world of cheerleading and become part of our family. This is where lifelong friendships are made!

Mission Statement

Our goal is to be united as a family. This is where athletes are encouraged to reach their fullest potential in a fun and safe learning environment. Our athletes are taught respect, dedication, confidence, teamwork, and leadership. The social skills acquired from Cheer United will teach young athletes to thrive in all environments on and off the cheerleading mat.

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